Dos Ceibas’ chief asset is its commanding view of both the Caribbean Sea and Aguadilla Bay to the north.  The site’s elevation exposes it to the prevailing Northeast Trade Winds which deliver a constant cooling breeze.  

Dos Ceibas is located just off PR 413 providing easy access to pristine sandy beaches, warm tropical water, scuba, snorkeling, world-class surf breaks for surfers of all levels and convenient access to first-world amenities.

Perched 100m above sea level, Dos Ceibas is conveniently situated about a half mile above Sandy Beach, five minutes by car to the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, less than 10 minutes to the town center and just minutes by foot to nearby shops and restaurants. 

The site organization and layout is based on an analysis of existing views and exposure, natural topography and local building codes.  These factors were explored extensively in 3D models in order to insure each lot has an exemplary view with minimal visual interference.

The lots, which range in size from 1,089 to 2,387 sq. meters, follow two main trajectories: the first is along the central ridge which slopes South to North; the second follows the eastern shoulder as it wraps around the northernmost point of the site.

The access road for the development connects to PR 413 and runs along the low western shoulder of the site. This positioning allows the road to occupy the portion of the site with the least spectacular view. It also puts the road below or behind all major site lines while still maintaining easy access from all lots.

Covenants and Restrictions were established to ensure the quality of the community.  All utilities are underground and include electric, water, cable and telephone.  Placement of streetlights was made to maximize starry views at night.